Friday, December 14, 2012

What's On in the Winter

One of the most frequent questions that Shelburne Museum staff are asked during the winter months, especially at family gatherings and holiday parties, is, "What do you do after the museum closes at the end of October?" We've touched on this topic before--see Paige's post on Remembering the 2011 Season--so this time around I asked the Education Department team to share something surprising or unusual that they recently checked off their To Do List. Here's what they shared:

Daphne trying her hand at scrimshaw.

  • Daphne (whom you can meet here) is testing tiny handmade scrimshaw kits so summer camp campers will be able to try the unique carving popularized by nineteenth-century sailors.
  • Karen and Renee have been comfort-testing chairs for the auditorium in our new Center for Art and Education!
  • For a special circus summer camp we'll be offering in 2013, Daphne found herself reading an article called "How to Run Away with the Circus -- in six easy steps."
  • Paige has been researching special events and came across unique ideas for how small businesses and nonprofits could affordably hold grand opening events. One of their prime examples? A turkey tossing event that involved launching frozen birds through the air!

Of course, in the fall of 2013 we will not close our doors but rather open a brand new set of them. Stay tuned to learn more about the opening of The Center for Art and Education. In the meantime, we update our Flickr page periodically with pictures of new construction. It's an exciting winter to be at the Museum!