Friday, January 14, 2011

From Drab to Fab: A Razor Room Redo

Shelburne Museum is busy preparing for the upcoming season! Not only are we creating some new and fascinating exhibits, but we are also adding a little glamour to our permanent exhibition spaces.

You might remember the Razor Room from previous visits to the museum. This small space off the back of the Apothecary Shop is home to over 700 razors --the majority of which were purchased from Henry T. Lummus in 1958. Barber's poles, lotion bottles, razor straps, and shaving mugs also deck the walls.

The Razor Room was beginning to show some wear and tear as the old red felt slowly turned orange. Kory Rogers, associate curator, decided he wanted to give the space a "facelift."

From Drab...

...To Fab!

With the help of Collections Management and the Buildings department, Rogers turned his vision of a red, white, and blue, barber's pole-inspired, Razor Room into a reality.

Collections Management Fellow Kelsey Adams shows off the makeover.

Make sure to check out the Razor Room in the upcoming 2011 season. Shelburne Museum is open from May 15-October 30.


  1. I am so excited! I have always wanted to see a Razor Room!

  2. This is wonderful. As a museum guide, I have worked in the General Store a lot. People like the Razor Room and now they will love it.

  3. Visitors often comment on Shelburne Museum's razor collection. Kudos to Kory and collection management. I'm looking forward to working in the General Store during the 2011 season!!!!

  4. They are pieces of art!

  5. Looking forward to visiting this May, nice new look - "sharp" well said.

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