Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"March, I'm gonna march you down the aisle"

I must admit that I am a huge fan of Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl." Whenever a new month rolls around I find myself singing the catchy little tune over and over.

Now that we have "start[ed] the year off fine" and have been someone's Valentine, it's time to "march [us] down the aisle" with a look at some of the unique wedding dresses in Shelburne Museum's collection.

This wedding dress was worn by Mahala Perkins to her Plainfield, Vermont wedding in 1861. Although the dress has been heavily altered over the years, the plaid silk fabric demonstrates the fabulous fashion of the Civil War Era.

This 1883 three-piece wedding dress is made of silk faille and velvet and adorned with braided cords and ball tassles.

Made in Rutland, Vermont by an Italian dressmaker, this wedding dress dates from the late 19th century. The blue cotton sateen dress is trimmed with black velvet ribbon and lace.

Who knew that wedding dresses could be so colorful?

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  1. Who Knew? What beautiful dresses, I wish my wedding dress had been plaid.