Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's In Fashion at Shelburne Museum?

With the opening of In Fashion just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to explore the varied fashion sensibilities of the Shelburne Museum staff. We all admire haute couture and celebrate the high styles of 1690-2011 in the upcoming Webb Gallery exhibit, but what goes on behind the scenes? Here's your inside look at the fashions of the people who keep the museum running.

Curator of Design Arts, Kory Rogers, loves his plaid and gingham. He tries to maintain a balance between comfort and class during his busy days at the office.

Education fellow Angela Pratt is queen of all things "clean and classic." Alice, one of our trusty guides, likes adding a little pizazz to her guide uniform with fashionable, bold eyeglasses. She purchased these frames with a little help from her friends and opthamologist.

Ben Phelps's work fashion is inspired by all of the delicious food in Shelburne Museum's Cafe. He has to wear his uniform when preparing and serving food, but always accessorizes his look with a smile.

Narda Carlson, our technology administrator, likes to wear bold colors that reflect her bubbling personality. This particular ensemble was picked up at a thrift store!

Practicality and safety dictate Building Care Technician Rob Zimmerman's wardrobe. Steel-toed boots and t-shirts from the museum store are staples in his everyday wear. If you're lucky, you can catch him wearing a large-brim straw hat that protects his fair skin from Vermont's hot sun.

Collections Management fellow Kelsey Adams likes to create fun fashion combinations by pairing different colors and patterns. She is a bargain diva and finds most of her wardrobe wonders at discount and thrift stores.

Keep your eyes peeled for Shelburne Museum's very own fashionistas during your next visit!

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