Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blacksmiths of Yesterday and Today

60.6-5; Historical Photograph of Blacksmith

I was busy combing through the records the other day when I stumbled upon this interesting historical photograph! It depicts a nineteenth century blacksmith in his shop. This guy caught my eye because to me, he looked quite familiar. It didn't take me long to figure out who he reminded me of either...we've got live blacksmiths here at the museum all the time!

The blacksmith shop is one of our live demonstration exhibits; sometimes on my midday strolls I like to pop in and see what they're making. You can even buy some of their amazing works at the Museum Store (hooks and scrolls, etc.).

Beautiful day in the neighborhood...

When I went to the Blacksmith Shop the other day, I found just whom I was looking for--longtime visitor guide and blacksmith, Lyn Lang!

Lyn explains a bit about blacksmithing to some visitors (including me!)

I told Lyn about the photograph I found in the collection, because I think the resemblance is quite uncanny. I do have to say that Lyn is much friendlier than the guy in the historical photograph!

See what I mean? Shelburne Museum, past and present!

That afternoon, Lyn was busy working on some small scrolls. Here's a glimpse at some of the tools and supplies he was working with:

Throughout the rest of this summer, Lyn will work on a beautiful and intricate scroll design that will go in the Settler's Cabin--that's another one of our demonstration exhibits. He showed me the plans as's going to be fantastic! I'll be making some more posts in the coming weeks about his progress and also some interesting facts and tips about blacksmithing.

The Blacksmith Shop here at the museum is open every day, starting at noon. We have many other very talented blacksmiths who work here also--be sure to stop in and say hello!

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