Monday, March 5, 2012

My How They've Grown!

The Geranium seedlings are already 4 weeks old, and my how they've grown!

At almost 2 inches tall, they could actually produce a flower!

For the next 12 weeks until the planting season, I will be starting many more seedlings this very same way.

Stay tuned, it won't be long before we're transplanting them in our greenhouse!


  1. Just seeing those seedlings makes me want to run out and purchase flower seed to start my own!!!! Great posting! Can't wait to see more pictures and, of course, the gardens themselves once they are planted. But this stage -- the planting and nurturing stage -- I find so thrilling and full of promise. You're so very kind to share this with us all. We know how busy you are.

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing Jess!

  3. I can't wait to help you plant them in the gardens! Yeah Spring!

  4. Hey Jess!! That's so cool. I can't wait to be back! I am applying to work in the museum store, too - hopefully I'll be in Shelburne more often this year :)